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Discover Outdoors is the premiere adventure outfitter for city dwellers. Leading thousands of explorers each year since 2004, our goal is to remove the barrier between city-living and nature-loving by making the outdoors accessible. Whether you are a first-time hiker or rock climber, or a thrill-seeking explorer, you can find a local day trip or multi-day adventure around New York and the northeast on our year-round calendar. You can even travel the world with us.

We manage the details so that you can escape the city, embrace adventure and discover the outdoors.

And the best part? When you live adventure with Discover Outdoors, you help us give adventure to deserving, New York City students through our nonprofit, the Discover Outdoors Foundation.


Our mission is to improve quality of life through meaningful outdoor experiences. We strive to create a more connected community through the pursuit of outdoor exploration and education and in doing so, encourage people everywhere to live adventure and give adventure.


Discover Outdoors guides are leaders, holding the highest certifications and setting the industry standard. Boundlessly capable, resourceful and caring, our unmatched team is motivated by our mantra - "Live adventure. Give adventure."


We are accepting applications for qualified Discover Outdoors guides and interns. Learn more >.


CEO, Guide, Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Trainer
Kirk Reynolds

Kirk aims to turn New Yorkers into hikers—- one office worker at a time. Hailing from a small Missouri town, Kirk moved to New York City pursuing big dreams and even bigger ideas. Kirk blends passion with excellence to ensure Discover Outdoors is second to none. A competitive sports enthusiast and nine-time marathoner, Kirk is committed to sharing his excitement for the outdoors. His worldwide adventures have informed many of his plans for unforgettable, inspiring trips. Under his leadership, Discover Outdoors offers the ability for urbanites to take part in exploration and adventure.


Chief Content Officer
Kennedy Reynolds

Kennedy grew up in the North Carolina mountains and has lived all over since, from Boston to Jackson Hole and London to San Francisco and New York. She has trekked the far reaches of the world, camping among the peaks of the Himalayas, the wildlife of the Serengeti and the ranges of Patagonia. As a three-time marathoner, she explores by foot whenever possible. Her city self has worked with brands to inspire action through relationships and narrative, and she brings that experience to DO, rallying urbanites to discover that adventure is closer than you think. For media, event or partnership inquiries, please contact Kennedy.

Lauren Skonieczny

Kennedy Reynolds

Lauren hails from the great state of Massachusetts.  She started exploring her backyard woods from the time she could walk and grew up hiking and camping throughout New England and upstate NY.  Her passion for the outdoors and her constant search for the next challenge has taken her on backpacking adventures both close to home in the ranges of the Presidentials and Adirondacks, and internationally in locations like Iceland and Dominica.  When she’s not escaping the city to get into the woods, Lauren is instructing cycling classes, running ultramarathons, playing with her (adorable) dog, or googling phrases that start with “Best Hiking in…”  Lauren has embraced her passion for an active lifestyle and loves to share her energy and excitement with other New Yorkers - helping them learn about the beauty in and beyond their backyard and to discover the great things they’re capable of accomplishing.


Youth Manager, Guide, Wilderness First Responder, L1 Avalanche, AMGA SPI
Dan Cooper

Getting outside has always been a part of Dan’s life, from his early days in Utah skiing, rock-climbing, and backpacking, to his later years in Alaska ski-mountaineering. Most recently, he combined his love for being in the mountains with a love he has for education by serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan; in his free time as a volunteer teacher he skied and hiked in places around the country. Graduate school in International Educational Development at Teachers College brought Dan to New York City, but the energy and culture keep him here.  He loves that he hears so many languages spoken and sees such diversity.  Nowadays, Dan combines his love for education, the outdoors, and New York City by getting its residents off the pavement and into the mountains as a guide with Discover Outdoors.



Born in Harlem, Marcus has never let the city keep him from enjoying the great outdoors. His passion for adventure sports include hiking, climbing, skiing and spelunking.  He developed his love of the outdoors at a young age and had he pleasure of hiking the Grand Canyon while studying at Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder

Kevin grew up in Ohio and New Jersey in the scouts, spending his days in the woods and climbing things he wasn’t supposed to. Nowadays you can find him hiking and climbing in the Shawangunks and the Adirondacks. He also enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving and sailing in the tri-state area. He is always ready to share his experience as a high ropes instructor, and loves hitting the trail with fellow New Yorkers.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder, AMGA CWI
Marc Leone

Native to the northeast, Marc was born and raised in Southern Connecticut. As he kid he loved getting lost in the woods on missions to clean up the litter left behind by others. Now he spends his time kayaking on the rivers and lakes in Connecticut, hiking, camping, and climbing whatever he can get his hands and feet on – still carrying his trash bag for litter and determined to complete his childhood mission. He has recently hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park, camped on the gulf shore in Alabama, and backpacked through western Turkey. Marc loves meeting new people and discovering new places with others.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Trainer
LeAnn Holland

Born to the unique prairie ecosystem of western Minnesota (where the grasses grow seven feet tall and the trees grow miles apart), LeAnn embraced the simplicity and remoteness of primitive living. For diversity and adventure, she traveled to every U.S. state but Hawaii and 17 foreign countries, seeking out opportunities for mountaineering, expedition kayaking and Tae Kwon Do. On summer breaks from teaching middle school on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, she put over 1500 miles on her legs hiking the Badlands, High Sierras of California and the Appalachian Trail. Now in NYC working on her PhD. in Philosophy and Education, LeAnn lives to connect people to nature.


Guide, Wilderness Paramedic, L1 Avalanche Certified

Nathan grew up hiking in the white mountains of New Hampshire and the love of the outdoors has taken him around the globe.  Nathan has climbed, guided and taught remote medicine across globe including Alaska, Argentina, Mongolia, Iceland, Tanzania, the Rockies and many more.  Nathan is also a Wilderness Paramedic and has over 10 years of remote, extended care and disaster medicine experience.  He has spent time working in Haiti where he co-founded a clinic in the mountains of Belle Fontaine to provide emergency and long term medical services to victims of the 2010 earthquakes; Panama working with Floating Doctors to provide healthcare in rural island clinics; Tanzania and Mongolia providing medical care to indigenous populations. Nathan loves being outside and helping others have great wilderness adventures.


Guide, Wilderness EMT, Swift Water Rescue
Myles O’Connell

Myles moved around quite a bit growing up, from the beautiful Northeast, to the wide open Southwest, before finally arriving in Southeast as a teenager.  His love of the outdoors developed there in the vast Blue Ridge Mountains, and grew exponetially while living and hiking in the Sierra Nevadas after college.  Now living in New York, he spends most weekends exploring the region where he made his earliest memories, leading hikes and meeting adventurous New Yorkers. 


Guide, Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Trainer
Geno Carragee

From childhood family camping trips throughout the East Coast to summers working and guiding in Alaska, spending time outside has always been one of Geno’s life passions. Sharing this love of the outdoors and the skills required to enjoy and preserve wilderness comfortably and safely provide him with great life balance as he resumes his studies here in New York City. Over the last decade Geno’s interests in mountaineering, sailing, and backpacking have taken him professionally and personally from Alaska to Argentina and many places in between. Geno looks forward to meeting new people and bringing this excitement to the wild just outside the city. He is particularly excited about the potential of bringing New York City students into the outdoors with the Discover Outdoors Foundation.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Sam Combs

Sam hails from the North shore of Long Island where, believe it or not, it’s still possible to wander in the woods. Love for running, swimming and hiking were instilled early on by his parents who, being from Oklahoma, also enthusiastically encouraged exploring the wide open spaces of the South West. Sam loves to share stories from the road and hopes to keep adding to his adventures which include a tour of Central America, a sixth month 20,000 mile road trip from New York to Alaska and a recent summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Sam enjoys nothing more than to get out with fellow New Yorkers into some of the deep spaces that, luckily enough, are well within reach of our great city.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Mike Gwozdek

Mike was born and raised in Michigan where he learned to enjoy the outdoors through family camping and fishing trips. He spent the majority of his summers in the woods and winters in the snow having Calvin and Hobbes inspired adventures. When software brought him to NYC, he started “commute hacking” by running to and from work to avoid the busy subway. To reconnect with the outdoors he began doing backpacking trips using only the tri-state commuter trains. He has traveled extensively and his hobbies include skiing, triathlon, and obstacle course racing. Mike believes that a lifestyle including outdoor activity is the path to happiness and gets a tremendous amount of enjoyment seeing New Yorkers have that realization as well. Constantly in search of the next adventure, Mike is pursuing an Appalachian Trail thru-hike from Georgia to Maine.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Chris Varley

Chris grew up circling the globe as his father’s work moved his family to a new country every few years. He was riding elephants before he’d even seen a horse and his introduction to bicycles was through rickshaws in Bangladesh. Chris remembers being silenced by the tremendous natural beauty of the Himalayas and has found peace and calm in the outdoors ever since. He found his way to New York City after serving in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and is working as a musician in Brooklyn. He loves the energy of the city and as long as he keeps getting outside and meeting new people, he couldn’t be happier.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Zach Fisher

Zach grew up in Northern California sandwiched between the coast, the redwood forests and the city of San Francisco. As a kid, his parents helped to foster a life of unbridled curiosity, an interest in art and music, and an acute connection to open spaces. As he grew older, he turned a romantic eye to New York and the culture of creativity that thrived there. He attends the Tom Brown Jr Tracker school in New Jersey where he studies primitive survival skills. Zach has travelled through Chile, India, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Bolivia, and more. He plays the drums, rides bikes, studies martial arts, writes, paints, and loves burritos. 


Guide, Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue
Peter Moravetz

Pete wholeheartedly believes in the power and sanctuary of the outdoors, and has had the opportunity to experience it in many forms.  His earliest outdoor adventures involved canoeing and fishing the lakes of northern Minnesota, and have ranged as far as backpacking in Patagonia, trekking the Inca Trail, and raft guiding the American River near Lake Tahoe. In past lives, he has been a middle school Spanish teacher, baseball and basketball coach, and avid surfer. When not thinking up a new form of backcountry cuisine to whip together, Pete is searching for a great adventure to provide his dog and plotting his next excursion.

Larson Harley

Photographer, Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Larson Harley

Larson is a Brooklyn-based commercial and fine art photographer, teacher, and adventurer. He is a photo instructor for children and adult classes, in studio and on location. Beginning in film photography, Larson has not stopped photographing since his first international trip at the age of 16. He has toured the U.S. with the Canon Photography in the Parks program, and internationally with National Geographic Student Expeditions. With Brooklyn as home base, Larson can be found photographing for commercial clients, teaching for local photography schools, or working on his own fine art and documentary series. For Discover Outdoors, Larson is the outdoor photography guide extraordinaire. Whether photographing wildlife or the starry night sky, you can join Larson on a range of photo adventures in and out of New York City. Larson is Wilderness First Responder certified, and a great campfire cook!

Doug Cook

Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Doug Cook

Doug grew up on the ocean in Rhode Island but was always attracted by the mountains - hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. After college in Colorado and graduate school in the midwest (where there was neither a mountain nor an ocean), Doug went to work in the canyons of Wall Street. Following retirement in 2011, Doug refocused his interest on the outdoor life and has since hiked the Appalachian Trail. In addition to regular hikes in the NY/NJ area, he spends as much time as he can in his kayak in the marshes of coastal South Carolina with his wife and three adult children.

Judith Meer

Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Judith Meer

Instilled with a deep love of travel and outdoor adventure from a very young age, Judith knows the only way she can keep living in the New York area is if she makes it a point to regularly escape the urban jungle! Be it snowshoeing, kayaking, rock/ice climbing, biking, skiing, hiking, or sailing – Judith firmly believes that life is better lived when outdoors and active. To that end, she fully relinquished life on land several years ago and now lives year-round on the Hudson River on her beautiful old sailboat. When she’s not working on boat projects, she teaches self-defense seminars rooted in Krav Maga, tutors high school students, works as a brand ambassador, and attempts to teach herself how to draw (better stick figures) and play violin (less squeakily). Judith is currently pursing a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

Lydia Kopecky

Guide, Wilderness First Responder, AMGA - CWI certified
Lydia Kopecky

Lydia is a proud Chicago native and passionate about getting into the wild. While at Columbia University, she was a backpacking leader for incoming freshman, and during her summers led wilderness and service trips out West for high school students. She spent a year in rural Thailand teaching at a University and traveling throughout Southeast Asia and now has accrued some serious mountaineering life goals.  When she’s not traveling and competing for the US Fencing Team, you can find Lydia rock climbing, doing yoga, or cooking up a storm.  Nothing is better for her than time spent in nature. 

Alexandra Radoaca

Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Alexandra Radoaca

Alex has spend most of her life trekking the urban landscapes of Romania, Austria, Canada and the US. It wasn’t until she lived in Japan that she truly became a mountain fanatic and true nature lover..a hike up Mount Fuji after an 80 hour work week will do that. Since then Alex has spent her free time planning treks, hiking and camping in the White Mountains, Northern Cascades and Japanese Alps.

Lane Wollerton

Wilderness First Responder
Lane Wollerton

Lane developed a passion for outdoor adventure from an early age. Thanks to (overly?) enthusiastic parents, she learned to ski before she was 3, and later fell in love with snowboarding at 13. Although originally from Northern Virginia, Lane came to NYC by way of Colorado. After spending 2 blissful post-college years camping, mountain biking, hiking 14’ers, and working as a snowboard instructor in Breckenridge and then Aspen respectively, Lane decided to try a new kind of adventure in the Big Apple. Her passions include snow, high intensity interval training, trail running, stand-up comedy, turning strangers into friends and, of course, more snow. When not hitting the trails, Lane spends her time in the publishing world, plotting new adventures, and dreaming of the day when she can adopt a dog, who she will name “Pistachio.”

Danny Collins

Wilderness First Responder
Danny Collins

Danny grew up in Southwest Missouri.  Growing up canoeing, hiking and biking the great Ozark rivers and mountains he grew to love everything outdoors.  His family was one that chose National Park vacations over the traditional getaways which also helped foster a love for nature activities. After playing four years of collegiate soccer, Danny turned to other athletic activities to fill the missing void, such as marathons, and adventure races. He is currently training for the IronMan.  He was brought to New York City from the Midwest for his other passion, Architecture, where he currently works for KPF architects, working on the large Hudson Yards development on the west side of Manhattan.  He has traveled extensively in Europe, China and parts of Southeast Asia, Canada, Central America, Brazil, and Ecuador.  Danny loves any chance to get out of the busy city, but even more so to help others see the amazing possibilities the outdoors has to offer.

Megan Kennedy

Danny Collins

Megan recently moved back to New York after spending 3 years as a kayak, coasteer and surf instructor at an eco-lodge in Pembrokeshire, Wales. When not jumping off cliffs or swimming in the sea, she enjoys cycling, yoga, camping, rock climbing, weightlifting, snowboarding, horseback riding and generally being active outdoors. She has been lucky enough to have adventures all around the world, from the Arctic Circle to Croatia to Peru, but she still has so much more to see! Most importantly, she is a mother to two beautiful cats, Archimedes and Professor Alistair Duckworth.

Jill Sestoso

Wilderness First Responder
Danny Collins

Growing up with adrenaline driven older brothers, Jill is no stranger to the rough and tumble life. She energizes her body and soul by stepping out of the Big Apple’s concrete jungle, to appreciate and enjoy New York’s naturally beautiful landscapes. With big eyes for travel and an even bigger heart for exploring, Jill is a natural born thrill seeker. Whether she’s jazzing the glass on the Costa Rican surf scene, getting her contortion on in aerial yoga or shredding and climbing through the Northeastern Appalachians, she is up for anything and everything. She is a one of a kind soul who is living life with a huge appetite for adventure and the world is her menu.

Bailey Briggs

Bailey grew up in South Eastern Connecticut where her parents limited TV time and encouraged her love for the outdoors and inspired her passion for adventure.  After summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Bailey came back to NY and realized there was more to the city than what she was finding sitting at her desk, staring at a computer screen.  With Discover Outdoors, Bailey has found the ideal mix of outdoor adventure and meeting new people through new experiences.  When Bailey isn't finding ways to break a sweat, you can find her channeling her creativity through photography and sometimes painting.


Paul Olivier

Wilderness First Responder
Danny Collins

Paul is a local, and wears his Brooklyn stripes proudly. He discovered the outdoors at the age of seventeen on a camping trip to the Catskills. Throughout his college years he went on some wild backpacking and bushwhacking trips. As his outdoor resume grew, he attended a few wilderness survival classes to hone his skills. Every time he attended a study abroad program the first thing he did was to go to the mountains. That drive took him to the Andes of Ecuador, Atlas Range in Morocco, and even to the volcanoes of Mexico. Now he strives to always prove his skills and enhance his experience and show even a city kid can hang with the best of them.

Alexis Krauss


Alexis has always possessed a deep love and respect for nature. As a child growing up in New Jersey she spent her time climbing trees, swimming, fishing, cliff jumping, kayaking and snorkeling. After moving to New York City to pursue a degree in International Studies, she discovered the mountain ranges of the Northeast. Whether it was working for Teach for America as a New York City Public School teacher or touring the world as a musician, she has always made time for epic adventures like backpacking the Sierras in California, leading multi-pitch climbs in Idaho's City of Rocks and hiking the Presidentials in New Hampshire. Alexis spends most weekends rock climbing, camping, snowboarding and hiking with her friends, family and her "adventure pup" Riz. Alexis is thrilled to be connecting her passion for education with her love of exploring through Discover Outdoors.



Sam spent his childhood exploring the evergreen forests of Washington. His first taste of the outdoors was a week long school backpacking trip down the Washington coast in 8th grade. It was love at first step. After finishing his B.S. at Central Washington University he worked as a Fish Biologist in the Yakima Watershed protecting native salmon species. His love for the outdoors and adventure has led him all across the country and world: backpacking through Central Europe & the Mediterranean, island hopping through the Caribbean, caynoneering around the Four-Corners, gold panning in Alaska and thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Recently, on his way to teach in South Korea, Sam stumbled down a detour that led him to NYC and a new adventure in the city. He's since found his way back out into the wild regions of the Northeastern US. You'll find this happy-go-lucky rolling stone waiting to share the outdoors with anyone willing to explore them. Wearing a big smile, an excitement for all things outdoors and, of course, socks with sandals.

Josh Duclos

Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Josh Duclos

Josh hails from New Hampshire and grew up exploring the mountains, forests, and rivers of northern New England.  After earning degrees in philosophy from Connecticut College and the University of Chicago, he spent several years working in education in the US, France, the Czech Republic, and India.  Josh has climbed mountains and explored wild places all over the globe - from the Himalayas of Nepal to Romania’s Carpathian Mountains to America’s own Pacific Northwest. He loves immersing himself in new cultures and traditions and discovering the man ways that people have found to relate the natural world.  He is currently working on his Ph.D and teaching philosophy at Boston University. He gets back to New Hampshire to hike as often as he can.


Guide, Wilderness First Responder
Pete Relyea

Pete may say he grew up in Brooklyn but no one seems to believe him. Teen weekends splitting wood in Pennsylvania and trips with the Boy Scouts provided a solid base for his outdoor life. After college at the Virginia Military Institute, Pete packed up and hiked the Appalachian Trail. Military school gave him ample experience orienteering and mentoring groups. He has spent time hiking and rafting in Ecuador, surfing in Costa Rica and adventuring throughout Europe. Pete has guided three successful summit treks on Kilimanjaro, climbed Mt. Meru as well as a number of volcanoes in Mexico and a trek to Machu Picchu.


Guide, Wilderness EMT
Marc Cassone

Marc spent much of his youth hiking and backpacking throughout the Adirondacks. Marc graduated from Colgate University with a degree in International Relations and an impressive record as a varsity crew team member. He has backpacked throughout the Northeast, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, California, Europe, and Africa. He’s guided on Mount Kilimanjaro and in the Spanish Pyrenees, and has successfully toured Mont Blanc. When Marc isn’t finding new routes to explore, he enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, competing in triathlons, and scuba diving. Most importantly, Marc loves sharing the outdoors with hikers of all levels.

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"Amazingly awesome trip. A great combination of extremely knowledgeable and personable guides, unique locations and activities, and a quality group of people. Going on their trips is like flying first class. It is quite an accomplishment getting a wall street analyst to prefer camping in the woods instead of returning to work.”