Corporate Membership


Your happiest and healthiest team

Motivate your team to be the healthiest and most productive yet through the Discover Outdoors Corporate Membership program. Membership gives your employees unlimited day trips with Discover Outdoors, helping them lead happy and inspired lives. What's in it for the company? Happier, healthier and more loyal employees lead to a stronger culture and invigorated team.

ONLY $29

$29 per employee per month, payable in 6 month increments.


  • Unlimited day trips from our trip calendar
  • 20% off company-wide trips
  • Reduced healthcare premiums


  • Healthy employees are less likely to quit. Some reports claim a 90% decrease in turnover.
  • Healthy employees use fewer sick days, 25% - 30% on average.
  • There's a proven ROI. Wellness Council of America states that a $1 investment in wellness saves $3 in healthcare costs.