The Compass Challenge

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Put your team's skills to the test

Gather your coworkers and get ready to channel your inner explorers! We're putting your navigation skills to the test with a team building challenge, all for a good cause. Whether you're new to orienteering or a backcountry pro, you'll put your creativity, problem solving, and heartiness to the test with a series of outdoor challenges. You can feel even more proud of your accomplishments knowing that all money raised will go to providing life-changing outdoor adventure to New York City's underserved teens.

The Compass Challenge is designed for corporate teams of up to ten and participants of all experience levels. Grow as a team and have a great time!



Prospect Park
Picnic House


12PM   Check In
1PM     Challenges Begin
3PM     Winner Announced and Happy Hour Begins (location TBD)

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Discover Outdoors Foundation

Our goal is to help every member the next generation fall in love with the outdoors, regardless of where they call home. We believe that every kid should have the chance to experience the accomplishment of climbing a mountain, the wonder of seeing a science lesson brought to life outside, the solace of a walk in the woods, and the joy of camping out with a group of friends; and NYC kids are more in need of these things than ever.  With many looking at screens more than at the world around them and with rising levels of anxiety, obesity, and learning disorders affecting our students, it’s time to act.  The outdoors has the potential to change the lives of young people if we can provide them access to it - and that is exactly our goal!

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