Devil's Path Winter Traverse

Pack List
Intensity Level

Take on the Infamous Trail in Winter Conditions


  • Rugged Catskills Trails
  • Summit four 3500s
  • Challenge yourself
  • Support team of guides with a resupply option


You've heard of the Devil's Path. Maybe you know someone who's been crazy enough to try a single-day traverse. The path is one of the toughest in the country, featuring rugged terrain, dramatic vertical drops, Rockies-like elevation gain and an ambitious distance in the Catskill Mountains. Today, you'll be able to get a taste of the path as you traverse the Eastern half in extreme and challenging conditions. Don't be fooled, though, just because you're only taking on half doesn't mean you're in for an easy day. You'll face four of the most challenging peaks in the Catksills: Indian Head, Twin, Sugarloaf, and Plateau. The path requires a great deal of scrambling, reducing the pace of even the strongest hiker to a crawl in certain parts of the trail. Your DO guides will offer support along the way, with a chance to refuel halfway through the day. Ropes may be required for especially icy sections and your guides will provide necessary traction devices.

Please note: Especially icy conditions may require crampons. If so, you'll be given the option to rent a pair for $35/ea.

Perfect for: Experienced hikers, fit adventurers up for a challenge

Pack List

  • Your lunch
  •  Snacks
  • At least 3 liters of water in bottles (bladders are discouraged as they can freeze)
  • A thermos of hot soup, tea, or coffee is recommended
  • A backpack. Need a recommendation? Check out Deuter!
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. For a great selection and discounts, check out our partners.
  • Trekking or ski poles are highly recommended
  • Hand / Foot warmers
  • Chapstick
  • Camera
  • A dry set of clothes and shoes for the ride home (can be left in the van)
  • Ski or snowboarding gear, including a warm, waterproof jacket
  • Crampons (conditions will dictate if required)
  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Waterproof hiking boots with wool socks (required, please bring an extra pair)
  • Gaiters are highly encouraged to keep snow out of your boots
  • Warm Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water resistant gloves (2 pairs recommended)
  • Scarf, neckwarmer, or balaclava
  • Expert guides
  • Transportation
  • Water and snack resupply
  • Snowshoe and microspike rental and instruction
  • Park permits

Intensity Level

Level 8


On Level 8 trips you’ll be challenged by some of the steepest elevations and technical terrain available on the east coast. These trips are for endurance athletes and those who wish to truly test themselves. These are our hardest day trips and our weekend trips that prepare you for international adventure.


We will be active for six to nine hours. You can best prepare for a Level 8 trip by maintaining your intense fitness regimen, trying to get your mile time below seven minutes, and hiking consistently on the weekends.


Level 8 hikes range from twelve to fourteen miles.


We will hike and scramble up numerous peaks with exposed, uneven surfaces, large boulders, and steep ascents/descents. Hiking boots, poles and headlamps are recommended.


There could be elevation change of up to 3,000 feet per day and possible altitude.


Up to 14,000 feet.