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Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

August 22, 2019
$2,095Book Trip
Level 6/10

Mount Rainier Wonderland Trail

September 14, 2019
$1,595Book Trip
Level 7/10

Adirondack Canoe and Hiking

August 31, 2019
Level 5/10
Upper West Side

Mount Washington Summit Weekend

August 31, 2019
Level 7/10
The North Face
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Every path we’ve ever guided has led us to the conclusion that life’s greatest adventures are to be found exploring our potential, collaborating with our community, and connecting with our environment. That’s what you’ll find at the heart of every experience with Discover Outdoors.

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Max was really, really such a wonderful guide. It was my first time camping/hiking/rock climbing, and he really made me feel totally comfortable with the challenges and encouraged me when I didn't think I could handle some of the scarier ones. He was very knowledgeable about the trails and where to get the best views. He was a great cook, waiter, bartender, butler, driver, host, guide, companion... everything-all-in-one!


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Patagonia Explorer

Hike, kayak and horseback ride through Patagonia

Level 5/10ChileKayaking
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Mount Rainier Wonderland Trail

A breathtaking adventure in the shadow of Rainier

Level 7/10WashingtonHiking
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