Amir Figueroa

Wilderness First Responder

Amir was born and raised in the South Bronx and now calls Harlem home. As an endurance athlete (marathoner and ultra-marathoner), Amir has a wide range of experiences in the outdoors, spanning everything from qualifying and running the Boston Marathon to scaling a 50K race in Killington, Vermont to a top 10 finish in the Mohonk Preserve 50-miler. Amir is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and currently works as a Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University. When he's not running or collaborating on studies in the lab, Amir can be found Co-leading and creating photo/video content for Harlem Run or mentoring high schoolers. It is his love for working with young legends that drew him to DO and their Foundation, whose mission is to develop empowered and curious young leaders in urban communities through life-changing outdoor experiences.