John Benincasa

Senior Guide
Wilderness First Responder

Since loading up the family station wagon and touring the National Parks as a child (back when feeding bears from the car window was considered a wilderness experience), the great outdoors have been a passion for John. Since those early days, the trips have become bigger; eventually growing into backpacks and climbs across the west and internationally. John rates backpacking in the Sierras as his favorite trip aside from mountaineering in the Cascades (although the midnight hikes in Death Valley were otherworldly and the big mountain climbs in Peru and Montana backpacking are stellar). Actually John claims nothing beats ice climbing in the Adirondacks except maybe the Yosemite trips... You get the idea. Living in Brooklyn, John has always considered his wilderness escapes essential. It seems all of this has led up to his work with Discover Outdoors where John loves sharing his passion with fellow hikers and students in the youth program.