Megan Kennedy

Rockies Regional Manager
Senior Guide
Wilderness First Responder, BCU 4* Sea Kayak, BCU L1 Coach, BCU Tidal Planning & Coastal Navigation, Waterfront Lifeguard

Megan recently moved back to the States after getting her Masters in Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh. Previously, she spent five summers as a kayak, coasteer and surf instructor at an eco-lodge in Pembrokeshire, Wales. When not jumping off cliffs or swimming in the sea, she enjoys cycling, yoga, camping, rock climbing, weightlifting, skiing, horseback riding and generally being active outdoors. She has been lucky enough to have adventures all around the world, from the Arctic Circle to Croatia to Peru, but she still has so much more to see! Most importantly, she is a mother to two beautiful cats, Archimedes and Professor Alistair Duckworth.