Natalya Grigoryev

Wilderness First Responder, AIARE Avalanche 1

Growing up in Belarus, nature was Natalya's playground. During snowy and cold winters, she spent her time cross country skiing with her family, ice skating, and just playing in the snow. Summers were filled with swimming in lakes and exploring local forests. After moving to New York City, she began to miss her connection with nature. Natalya traveled the world to learn and explore various cultures and traditions. Then, through Discover Outdoors, she found her missing puzzle piece - the simplicity and beauty of nature, her happy community and believe in herself. Going further and higher, she has fallen in love with mountains. Being in high altitude, in snow and ice in the cold, keeps drawing her in. When she is not climbing or hiking, Natalya reads books, learns new things, cooks and enjoys time with friends.