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Navigation Course

Navigation Course


Learn Backcountry Navigation

New Yorkers certainly know their way around the city and navigating the subway system can be a skill in itself! But on the trail or in the backcountry, far from technology, there are unique tools you'll need to find your way. Today, we'll learn the essentials of wilderness orienteering including map and compass use, navigating by the sun, and the basics of triangulation. Your wilderness guide will take you through the key skills for getting back on track if you find yourself lost, and will spend some time reviewing safety and emergency protocol for your future adventures.


$59 per person
minimum 20 people


  • Licensed and certified Discover Outdoors guide
  • Guided hike in Central Park
  • Map and compass class and games
  • Maps, compasses


Class is approximately two hours.


If the event or a portion of the event is cancelled by Discover Outdoors (reason may include inclement weather), you are entitled to a full refund. There are no refunds for cancellations made within 14 days of the event.


Should Discover Outdoors need to cancel the event due to inclement weather, you are entitled to a full refund. The decision to cancel will be made by Discover Outdoors one day prior to the date of the event.