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What should I wear?
Hiking Boots
A mid or high boot will protect you ankle from unnatural twists and sprain on uneven terrain.
Tough, chiseled Vibram soles made for trail hiking will grab onto rock and slippery surfaces and will hold up against lots of abuse over time much better than regular running shoes or sneakers

Quick-dry or soft-shell outdoor pants
Jeans, which are made out of cotton, absorb humidity and water and stay very wet which, if the water or air is cold,  can lead to hypothermia. They also do not insulate as well as synthetic fiber pants do.

Waterproof outer layer of pants and jacket
A breathable but completely waterproof pants and jacket combo will ensure that your under layers stay dry from rain and release moisture from sweat.

Wool socks
Like jeans, cotton socks retain moisture and adjust to the temperature of the atmosphere while wool socks keep you warm and dry even in heavy rain or after stepping in a puddle.

You said that I have to wear hiking boots. What if I have sneakers that I love to hike in?
In the winter, we recommend wearing hiking boots because they will keep your feet warm and dry. In the summer, many of our trails can be hiked in sneakers if you’re confident in your ability. Be aware that sneakers do not have the same tread or ankle support as a hiking boot. Simply put, boots are safer.


I want to “bring a friend” but we want to sign up separately, how do we do this?
You can each sign up for the trip via our website. Just select the “bring a friend” discount while registering, and enter your friends name in the “comments” box.

I have a voucher. Yet, every time I go to the check-out page it still asks me to pay the full amount. Why isn’t my voucher working?
When you type your voucher number into the promotions box you have to press “update” before submit or else the cart will not apply the voucher.

Can I pay a deposit to reserve my spot?
For our day trips you do need to pay in full to reserve your spot. For our Adventure Travel trips you may be able to set up a custom payment plan. Please call the office at 212 579 4568 for options according to trip.

Does Discovers Outdoors offer a discount for students or teachers?
Yes, as of January 1, 2015, students and teachers are eligible to receive 15% off of DO day trips. This discount applies to trips with availability as of 2:00 PM ET the day before the trip. To check availability or register, contact us at [email protected] You must have a current student ID and .edu email address or proof that you are a teacher. You will need to show your student ID or proof of occupation to your guide on the day of the trip.


Are we going hiking even though it’s raining and windy?
We do hike in the rain, snow, wind and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on adventures! If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed. You will be notified the week of your trip if there are changes due to weather.

Will we still be going snowshoeing if there’s no snow in the forecast?
If we schedule a snowshoeing trip, we make every effort to select a trail that has adequate snow for a great trip. If this is not possible we will change the trip to a winter hike.


Where do I go to the bathroom?
The majority of the trails we hike on do not have established bathrooms. In short, nature is your bathroom.

The trains were running late! Something came up and I couldn’t make it! Can I get a trip credit?
This one is going to sting. We would have loved to see you out on the trip with us, but if you can’t come we need at least one week’s advanced notice in order to be able to give you a trip credit. There are no exceptions.

Should I tip my guide?
Our guides are the best you’ll find anywhere. If you had a great day with us, a tip is always appreciated.


I was told I would get a trip credit from a canceled trip. How do I make sure that happens?
You can view your credit on your My Profile page as well as your shopping cart when you check out. Credit will be in the form of points. Each point is worth one US Dollar.


I’m signing up by myself. Will there be other solo travelers on the trip?
One of the great reasons to go on our trips is you don’t have to depend on unreliable friends. Many people sign up solo and within minutes on the trip, find themselves making friends.

I have a child who loves the outdoors, can I bring him with?
At this point, all of our public trips are for 18+ only. That being said, we can run private trips for any ages.

What type of person goes on a Discover Outdoors trip?
Ages generally range from late twenties through forties, though there are definitely people of all ages on our trips. We find that there’s a pretty even split between male and female on our trips. The common thread we find is an adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors.