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Meet You at Machu Picchu

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My name is Kirk, I founded Discover Outdoors, and I miss you guys.

This year marks the start of decade TWO for DO. How did that happen so fast?

The unstoppable Discover Outdoors guide team is out with you every weekend, and while growing the business is an adventure in itself, I'm itching to get back out with you, too.


I have decided to guide our 2015 Machu Picchu adventure, joined by my wife and business partner, Kennedy, and we want you to come.

Some shots from my last DO Machu Picchu trek that do not do it justice -

Those signed up already, we promise a trip you won't forget. Those of you who are thinking about it, email me personally or come to our FREE Machu Picchu information session.

That's the first step towards Machu Picchu. We can't wait to take the rest with you.

Do More,
Kirk, Kennedy and your DO Team

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