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Climbing & Perspective

Thursday, June 14, 2012
A Great Climb Can Always Provide Perspective.

Most of us like to feel important. We love to think we're doing better than the other person and have been more successful. Let's face it, deep down inside we want to be at least a little better than the other guy, right?

But there's nothing like a huge piece of granite, a mountain, to help you feel pretty insignificant. Or watch some climbers on El Cap in Yosemite and they look like ants if you can even see them. We're not as big as we think we are when we're set next to something huge.

And that's good sometimes. Let me suggest why.

First, it keeps us humble. Arrogance and false pride are typically pretty ugly. Confidence is one thing, but cockiness is another and not very attractive. Humility keeps us centered and helps us enjoy assisting others not just ourselves.

Second, our smallness helps us find even greater resources. They may be found in people, perspectives or an inner strength but the high peaks remind us to seek for more. When we think our personal resources are tapped we can dig deeper into ourselves or the support network around us and find reserves we never knew existed.

Third, we are reminded that there is always something bigger to conquer. Our problem may seem huge but someone else always has something worse than ours. And if we overcome our struggle, we can find encouragement to tackle the next one knowing it hasn't been easy.

So next time you're in the mountains soak in the greatness of everything around you. Embrace how little you are in comparison. It doesn't make you insignificant. It's just a powerful reminder that you truly can do amazing things no matter what obstacle you are facing.

Climb on.

Submitted by Adventure Blogger Gary Sinclair.