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Post-Marathon Challenge

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Discover Outdoors is based in New York City (pause for obligatory proud New Yorker cheer) and many of us have been lucky enough to run the New York City marathon, including DO guide, Lauren, who rocked it this year.

If you've competed in a marathon, you know the feeling. The months of training, adrenaline, anticipation and nerves can't be described. Then there's race day - the crowds, the starting line and the best 26.2 miles of energy, pain, exhaustion, elation and more from the spectrum of emotions.

It's the ultimate high, so once the marathon ends where do you channel all of that training and momentum? You take on the outdoors, of course. Check out these adventures that put your road runner's muscles to the test and then reward you with a sensory explosion:

  • Guides Choice Trek: Blauvelt Mountain
    Cross between two counties, cover twelve miles and 3,000 feet of elevation on this remarkable trek through nature that strengthens to the core.

  • Shawangunks Rock Climbing
    Muscle strength and agility is key to overall fitness, and there is nothing as rewarding as earning that strength as you summit some of the most beautiful rock faces in the world.

  • Fourteen Peaks Trek
    Imagine overlooking the beautiful Hudson Valley from 14 different peaks that surround it. We'll cover about twelve miles on this breathtaking adventure.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro Summit
    Get ahead of New Year's Resolutions and sign up for the ultimate adventure. You can fundraise for the Discover Outdoors Foundation to embark on your most rewarding challenge yet.

Why let good training stop at the finish line? Mix it up, set your goal and discover what the summit feels like.

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