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Thank you from the Discover Outdoors Foundation

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When you want to express how infinitely grateful you are, but there are hundreds of people to hug and you know that would be awkward and inefficient, and you don't have cameras broadcasting your appreciation around the globe, what do you do?

Let's start from the beginning"_

Last Thursday was a big night for Discover Outdoors and the Discover Outdoors Foundation. We celebrated the Foundation's second birthday with a party and fundraiser. Events like these take months of planning, coordinating, and refining and demand time and energy from people who have little to spare.

You hope there will be a great turnout. You hope everyone will have fun. You hope people will take a few minutes to listen. You hope they will get how crucial this cause is.

And then...

You get nervous about the Nor'easter. You get nervous that your speech won't resonate. You get nervous that the mic won't work when the kids take the stage.

So, what actually happened?

  • Hundreds attended, talked shop about the great outdoors, shared adventures and had a blast. And when it was time to take a pause from cornhole and conversation, you were all a captive audience.

  • Gabe and the team at Brooklyn Brewery nailed it from their energetic help to their tasty bottomless brews.

  • Discover Outdoors sponsors Forest Craft Camp, Gregory, Kuhl, Patagonia, Good To-Go Foods, EMS, and Energizer showed up in spades because they're the best.

  • Supporters including Whole Foods, Transportation Alternatives, Gear to Go, Vitamin Shoppe, Crank Cycling Studio and Red Rise Marketing raised their hands to be a part of the night.

  • Discover Outdoors rock-star members including Lauren, Pinchus, Christine, Braulia and Ben brought new friends to introduce to the DO community.

  • New DOers showed up for the beer and left eager to escape the office and explore the outdoors with us.

  • Discover Outdoors Guides entertained, toasted members and were generally awesome, per usual.

  • We raised enough money to add one additional school to the Foundation's program next year! Let's raise even more.

And, I don't think any of us will forget watching Discover Outdoors Foundation campers, Genesis, Cristian and April, take the stage to share how transformative their experiences have been thanks to everyone who has supported the Foundation's mission. More on that as soon as the photos and video are ready.

So, how can we possibly, adequately thank everyone?

We vow to keep at it, more devoted, tireless, fearless and creative than ever before so that your contributions turn into life-changing experiences for twice as many deserving New York City students by next year's party. Hold us to it. Better yet, help us get there.

Thank you each and all for an unforgettable night. New York City students are shouting for our help. Let's keep working together to answer their call.

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