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Finding a New Art on the Bike

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Today we have a guest post from Roselyn Chew on moving art into the outdoors as she finds a new found passion in cycling.

Many people have a go-to activity that they do to stay motivated and inspired. For me, it is dance. The last several years was particularly hard. as practice became intense. As much as I am passionate about my art, the studio (and my office!) started to feel confining.

It was time to take a break. I needed new inspiration.

The confining feeling made me realize I had to get out of the studio and into the outdoors! I was determined. I started looking into activities that interested me but nothing stuck. Then one fine day, I received an email from Discover Outdoors announcing the launch of their new cycling program. Hmmm"_. it piqued my interest"_. and I've always wanted to take up biking but it kept getting shelved. I was super determined that I had to do it this summer"_. or at least before Lance Armstrong wins his 8th Tour de France.

I attended their first bike workshop and it exceeded my expectations! It was brilliantly executed, rich with content and interactive which kept it interesting. What struck me most was to see how others can be committed to theirÒart" as well. It inspired me to explore further and sign up for their first cycling program. I am (loud and) proud to be part of their pilot program!

It was so wonderful to be on the bike and in the outdoors. I forgot how much I enjoy it. On my first cycling trip in North Fork, Long Island, I was on a hybrid riding by rolling greens, white houses with picket fences (apparently they're not just statistics), vineyards and beaches. It sounds like any other town but on a bike, it was a whole new experience and it was simply uplifting! Just the kind of thing a city girl needs.

Building on my newfound inspiration, I started my next adventure: getting my own bike! After a two-month search that consisted of more workshops, interrogation and a dozen of Advils, I finally got my bike and ready for my next cycling trip: the picturesque Litchfield County, Connecticut. The trail consisted of rolling hills so I got quite a workout which led to a discussion on biking shoes and my next workshop on pedaling. Shimano Pedaling Dynamics and Retul fitting- already on my wish list. The highlight of this trip was when I came across orange hibiscus in a pale yellow field against the blue sky. Pure splendor.

Back in the city, I ride my bike in Riverside Park and onto the Greenway. I enjoy being by the water at sunset, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's so relaxing and therapeutic. So much so, I get lost in myÒescape" and always end up riding thrice longer than originally planned!

Being in the outdoors is incredible. I feel a connectedness being outside and a part of me become whole. Looking at clear vistas, my mind clears up instantly and so do the troubles of the day. And vistas... apart from seeing that word on my computer operating system, this is the first time I see it in a different context. Haha.

This summer has been super fun!

Roselyn Chew is an avid dancer and recently developed an interest for the outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activity is biking and she enjoy taking rides on the Hudson River Greenway.

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