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Discover Outdoors FAQ

Monday, March 12, 2012
Why did you change your name?
We feel that our mission is much greater than getting people outdoors. We are showing people that the outdoors is accessible to everyone, despite the fact that we live on an island or that we don't own cars. We are also giving our clients a way for discovering themselves. Getting outdoors is just a part of our purpose while discovery is the heart of what we do: discovering a healthier way of living; discovering adventure; discovering community.

Is the business under new ownership?
The ownership and guides will be the same, outstanding team.

What happens to my previous reservations? My rewards dollars?
Nothing at all. All previous interactions and accounts remain the same. Now you'll just sign into your rewards account at the top right hand side of

Can I still use the voucher I have for Outdoor Bound?
Yes, your voucher is still valid for Discover Outdoor trips.

I'm so excited! How can I celebrate this great new name?
Yell, scream, shout, tweet and come hang out at our Launch Party on March 27th.

How can I keep up to date with Discover Outdoors?
If you're already signed up for our newsletter you'll keep receiving our weekly updates. Just make sure to add to your spam filter. For daily updates we recommend our new Facebook page or twitter.

How can I contact Discover Outdoors?
Call us at 212-579-4568 or shoot us an email at