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Embracing Challenge

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work."
-Booker T. Washington

Think about that which you are most proud of. Is it your family, job, a degree, some trophy, a personal accomplishment? Chances are you derive the most pride from something that came as a result of hard work and determination - maybe even some sacrifice. We often hear grumbling and groaning on long strenuous hikes to summit peaks. Yet, upon reaching the top, exclamations and excitement follow close behind.

Shuffling to the top of a mountain offers time for reflection and thought. A little more than halfway through the Mount Washington trail, I started to think about the things in life that have given me the most joy. Nothing on this list was accompanied by simple choices. Very few things that I've developed a deep attachment to seemed natural, easy orÒjust right." Most, if not all, have involved some form of pain, clawing, scratching, and grit.

Readily achievable tasks are often glossed over and rendered unmemorable. Easy things become lost to time. Those moments that have brought challenge and strife are the things that become preserved in your mind.

Why then, do we shy away from challenge? Knowing the potential benefits that wait for us on the other side, why do we second-guess crossing that bridge? Are we so afraid of the sting of heartache and failure?

Find a goal. Find something that seems scary and tempts you to not want to try. At the same time, let it ignite a passion inside of you that defies your every last objection.

Push yourself towards something memorable.

Submitted by Michelle Welsch.
Raised in the Rocky Mountains, Michelle was born with a spirit of adventure. It has carried her across continents and overseas, eventually bringing her to NYC where she writes and looks for new challenges to explore. Follow Michelle in her urban and outdoor conquests @redheadlefthand.