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Gear Review: GoLite Rain Gear

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
A couple of weekends back I purchased a new steed made out of plastic, metal and love. Yes, I'm talking about a motorcycle; her name is Hammer.

My return trip to New York City from Delaware featured lots of grinning and lots of rain. The wet weather lasted until I reached the promise-land of southern New Jersey where I was met with clear skies, dry pavement, and a really cute girl at the rest stop.

Contrary to what you might think, 80 rain-soaked highway miles on a motorcycle can be quiet pleasurable with a bit of a boost to your outlaw rating if wearing the proper gear.

Luckily, I was suited up with GoLite Tumalo Pants and a GoLite Trinity Jacket. While these products are not designed, marketed, nor meant for highway riding in the rain they exceeded any and all performance expectations for hiking gear at 70+ miles per hour on a motorcycle. I escaped the storm as dry as I had started the day.


With the proper gear, weather should never prevent a planned outdoor adventure. Although less extreme, my GoLite jacket kept me nice and dry on a hike of Fourteen Peaks this past rainy Saturday. GoLite truly makes versatile gear that you can trust.

Submitted by Discover Outdoors guide and expert gear reviewer Pete Relyea.

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