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Large platypus

Gear Review: Platypus Bottle

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Platypus Platy Plus Bottle: A Public Service Announcement

Guide - How much water do you have?
Client - Enough.
Guide - How many bottles?
Client - Two...

I promise that I'm not trying to make you carry extra weight in the form of water on a 90 degree summer day. I can't promise that I want you to enjoy the freedom of peeing in the woods or that I'd really like for you to drink all of the water that I convinced you to buy.

When we head out into the woods for a day two bottles of water is never sufficient during this summer heat.

So why don't people bring a sufficient amount of water? I'll venture to guess it's one of the following reasons - their apartments are too small to hold three Nalgene bottles; those trendy aluminum bottles are too heavy; they would rather not buy a single use water bottle; or they're convinced that as a New Yorker they can live off of coffee, wine and coconut water.

The Platypus bottle is the solution to all of your water woes. This extremely lightweight bottle also collapses to near nothing and can be used for years until you lose the cap (which can be replaced).


Please drink your water and pee in the woods.

Submitted by Discover Outdoors guide and expert gear reviewer Pete Relyea.

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