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Gear Review: Tilley Hat

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Tilley hats are made by Tilley Endurables, makers of some of the world's finest travel clothing.


The hats are insured against loss (you get a replacement at a deep discount of you lose it within the first year) and are guaranteed for life (Tilley replaces it for free if it ever wears out). It floats, ties on (in front and/or back), repels rain, blocks UV rays and they claim it won't shrink.

I like the ones with the wide brims and, while I've had several of the classic ten-ounce treated cotton duck versions, my last one was the lighter weight breathable nylon and I liked it more. They have versions made of real hemp and winter hats of similar styling in wool. Tilley claims the hats are handcrafted with CanadianÒpersnicketiness."

Full-brim hats are really important when you are outdoors all day to protect your skin. The full coverage of the Tilley hat can make you avoid the dermatologist's scalpel years from now.


While not inexpensive ($79 and up) these hats are an investment in your health and your enjoyment of the outdoors. With a large selection, you'll find one that looks good on you, too. They are available direct at or at sporting goods stores.

Jay Scheiner is a frequent hiker with Discover Outdoors and has a colorful background. A husband and father of 3 daughters, he made an 800-mile solo sailing voyage in a 19-foot boat (before GPS was invented), has bicycled 24-hours non-stop, earned a black-belt in karate at age 47 and stood at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 52. We look forward to more of Jay's thoughtful gear and product reviews.

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