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Inspiring Co-Workers

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Returning to work on Monday morning, your co-workers may give you curious glances before settling into their workstations with a cup of Joe. Before you shake your head and plan a new trip, here are some tips to get your co-workers tagging along with you on your next adventure:

Connect. By challenging yourself to try something new, you build confidence and form relationships with others. Many people arrive as strangers but return to the city as friends.

Combat routine. Activities such as snowshoeing or rock climbing are great alternatives to yet another humdrum fitness class at the gym. Feeling your heart rate accelerate while breathing in fresh outdoor air leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired, and eager for more.

Think big. Prying yourself away from typical environments may prompt you to see the world – and yourself – in different ways. It is easier to develop solutions and create ideas when you remove yourself from familiar surroundings.

If your cubicle mates still need convincing, remind them that getting outside boosts productivity levels and benefits the workplace by bringing you back to the office energized and restored.

In no time, you and Ben from IT will be comparing trail notes and route maps.

Submitted by Michelle Welsch.
Raised in the Rocky Mountains, Michelle was born with a spirit of adventure. It has carried her across continents and overseas, eventually bringing her to NYC where she writes and looks for new challenges to explore. Follow Michelle in her urban and outdoor conquests @redheadlefthand.