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Returning after Adventure

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Last weekend's convenient placement of July 4th on a Thursday helped many of us secure the ever coveted 4-day weekend and what an adventure it was!

Leaving New York on Thursday morning, freedom was ours as we drove hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Yet, Monday morning, here we are, back in the office again.

What happens to those moments of euphoria at the top of a peak? Where is that feeling of complete peace looking out on the lake?

The hardest parts of adventuring are not the 16-miles of hard hiking or the bug bites from camping out. The hardest part is the return to routine.


We go out into nature to leave the normalcy of the everyday and find ways to push our exploration of the world and ourselves. And of course, we return a bit different each time.

IfÒall exploration, physical or intellectual, is inevitably in some sense an act of transgression, of crossing boundaries" (Lesley Hazleton) then simply the act of going changes us because we've committed to pushing a line. It seems as if we can never truly return in the same way.

Like a teenager after their first experience driving a car, we've tasted the freedom of adventure and life in the passenger seat forever changes.

So though we've returned to our desks after a weekend of adventure the accomplishments of our trips linger. We may type the day away and drag ourselves to get coffee but those legs are the ones that brought us to the summit and those fingers's tied the knots of your first bear bag.

We may have returned but our transgression of the routine won't be erased. The next opportunity we have we'll head right back out there to cross boundaries and keep on adventuring.

Submitted by Sarah Knapp.

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