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The Perfect Marshmallow

Thursday, July 18, 2013
It's camping time around here so as you head out on your Midnight Hikes or Backpacking Overnights here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to roast the world's perfect marshmallow.

1. Find a good stick

The stick is an integral part to your marshmallow roasting. If it's too short you'll be too close to the fire and could risk overheating or in a worst case scenario even getting burned. You want a stick that's long enough to create space between you and the fire but not so big that it's uncomfortably heavy to hold. This will come into play as you follow rule #2 (the waiting rule). Pro tip: Make sure to really spear your marshmallow. There's nothing worse than being seconds away from a perfect roast and having it fall into the fire.

2. Exercise patience

This is the number one rule for marshmallow roasting. Especially if your fellow campers are already eating s'mores it's hard to sit and wait. Breath deep, take in the beauty of your surrounds and hold out. Lighting your marshmallow on fire is tempting but try to exercise some patience.

3. Share the love
To get a perfectly golden brown marshmallow you're going to need to share the love. Make sure that each side gets equal attention by slowly turning your stick. The National Marshmallow Roasters Institute recommends: "one full turn ever 5.25 seconds is the optimum turn rate at sea level in low humidity conditions - 35% or less."

4. Eat with care
Once you've attained the perfect level of golden brown on each side of the marshmallow (see step 3) you're ready to chow down. Be careful, the marshmallow is hot! Give it a second to cool before stuffing your face. Enjoy!

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