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The Immediacy of the Woods

Thursday, July 19, 2012
As I sit inside and listen to the thunderstorm shake New York City, I wonder if this is a time that I would prefer to be indoors. Yet, as I click through my email while balaning a phone between my shoulder, another ringing in the background, the stress of being pulled in so many directions makes me reconsider.

(Photo credit: @isardasorenson)

I'm out on the trail in the pouring rain. Thunder is roaring overhead and the chance of lightening is imminent. I'm not thinking about the rain outside. I am outside, in it. My concerns largely center around keeping my pack dry and my ankles safe as I moe on towards shelter. The immediacy of the weather and trail keep me more focused than any Brooklyn Yoga class and my goals are clearer here than they ever have been during a planning meeting in the office.


My only distractions from the weather are thoughts of dinner and keeping myself hydrated. When in the woods, there's no water cooler or Chipotle available to nourish us. We go back to the basics and everything seems clearer.

There's no space for me to worry. I'm here now, dealing with it.

Oh wait, I'm in the office writing a blog post.

Submitted by Sarah Knapp.

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