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The True Power of Adventure

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
We each head for the outdoors for different reasons and find, once we arrive, that we share the same love for nature's power and beauty. Having outdoor adventures together create bonds that no other experiences can mold. We leave the city and head for the mountains to get away from the masses of bodies, the millions of unknown faces and voices. Around the campfire we find people and their voices become familiar.


Groups are both necessary and powerful forms of adventuring. We need each other to belay from the end of the rope or call for help if we fall. We are responsible for others and we trust them to care for our own lives and safety as well. The trust we both give and receive changes the dynamic to form a team out of what started as just a group.

As we struggle to reach the summit alongside each other we can feel each others pain. When we reach the top, and look out at the open space between the summit and the valley, we all see the beauty of nature and of our struggle, together.

We return to tell our friends of our experiences, yet only those who were there with us really understand the power of the clouds over the silent valley.

Adventure's true power is that of bringing people together.