I learned and laughed

From start to finish. I learned and laughed, got to spend quality time with dear friends and made connections with awesome new acquaintances. You two set a solid tone for the weekend from the get-go and saw it through to the very end, creating a welcoming and fun environment throughout. I know you both absolutely love what you do, but it is not lost on me that there is tremendous effort and attention required in executing these trips. Thank you for your preparedness, thoughtfulness, fabulous senses of humor and for sharing your deep passion and knowledge of the outdoors with us. -Courtney

An impressive experience!

We had quite the treacherous conditions to deal with, on what ended up being one of the most difficult hikes I've been on in recent memory. Your two guides took on the challenge with confidence, and made your guests feel as if they had not a thing to worry about. Truly, it was an impressive experience. -Brett

First Time Hiker

This was my first hiking experience and Marc was super friendly and answered all my question about hiking. He took time to show me how to read a map, use a compass, and tips to follow a trail. -Lin

Kaaterskill High Peak

The whole trip was wonderful from start to finish. Danny and Jill were professional, friendly, outgoing, and fun. They made the whole experience feel authentic and memorable. -Nick

Hike and Wine

Everyone was so friendly and nice. It was great to combine the hike with wine tasting as there was a chance to socialize in a completely different environment. A really fun day and Marcus is awesome! -Alisha

New Year's Eve New Hampshire

Thank you all for the best trip!! I came really close Monday morning to telling my boss I was done with his banking shenanigans and moving to the woods. -Christine

Canopus Lake Adventure

YES PLEASE do this event again! I love the hike, the fresh air, and good company! I would not change anything, it was a perfect event for me! -Kelly

Can I Go Every Week?

Discover Outdoors makes everything so easy. You show up, hop in the van, and off you go! They somehow have struck the perfect balance between being totally laid-back and completely organized all at the same time. I wish we could do this every weekend. -David

Camping Weekend

f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!!! -Ruth

Amazing Volunteer Vacation

The Elephant Volunteer trip was absolutely amazing and fantastic! I'm home one day and wish I was back at base camp. The group was awesome and patrol week was something I'll never ever forget! Thanks for your help and support! -Maua

Adirondack Weekend

Amazingly awesome trip. A great combination of extremely knowledgeable and personable guides, unique locations and activities, and a quality group of people. Going on their trips is like flying first class. It is quite an accomplishment getting a wall street analyst to prefer camping in the woods instead of returning to work. -Llana

Such a Great Time

Such a great time. Our guide was personable, knowledgable, and fun. The visit to the wolf preserve was interesting and the hike was long, gorgeous, and even a little strenuous. I would recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife and the outdoors. -Jessica

Felt Like a Friend Who Had My Back

Larson is a gem. He is the best leader I've ever had on anything like this. The care he took for each and every one of us was just amazing. I had no idea how much it was going to scare me, but Larson was just wonderful. I was able to get over my fear, and I felt like I had a friend who had my back. It was a stretch for me, but I did it and I'm so glad! -Alisa

Fantastic, Engaging and Knowledgable

I went on yesterday's Raccoon Brook hike with LeAnn Holland and I just wanted to say what an excellent job she did. The pace she set was fantastic and she was engaging, knowledgeable and had lots of great hiking tips. I look forward to going on more hikes like this in the future. Thank you! -Melanie

Raccoon Brook Hike

Thank you, Simon, for the awesome hike! Andre and I had such a great time, and absolutely loved how you were able to provide such a friendly atmosphere for the group. I've never been a part of a hiking group that got along so darn well! Looking forward to the next hike. -John

Birthday Hike

Loved it! It was a birthday outing for me and it was a fun and unique experience for me and my friends. Can we do it again?! -Tracey

Awosting Falls

I must say my hike was excellent...best birthday gift to myself! And our guide, Gary, was very patient with my girlfriend who was a tad slower than the group. Already planning my next hike. -Kendra

Best Challenging Hike

Today's hike was the best and most challenging I've ever been on. My feet have blisters, my back hurts, every muscle in my body aches, and I've consumed four liters of water. But I had a great time! I was impressed with Richard's leadership and professionalism and I quite liked everyone on the hike. Looking forward to joining you again. -Eric

Rock Climbing Weekend

Max was really, really such a wonderful guide. It was my first time camping/hiking/rock climbing, and he really made me feel totally comfortable with the challenges and encouraged me when I didn't think I could handle some of the scarier ones. He was very knowledgeable about the trails and where to get the best views. He was a great cook, waiter, bartender, butler, driver, host, guide, companion... everything-all-in-one! -Sam

Climbing Was Great

The trip was great! It was very well organized. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to climb different routes and all the guides were great. Loved all the energy and positive reinforcements!!! I'll definitely recommend this trip and join another one in the future. -Gabi