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Large 3500 series

3500 Series

This Series is named in honor of those 35 Catskills Mountain peaks that stand tall above the rest. The trademark “3500 Series” encompasses the peaks that are a minimum of 3500 feet high, though each will provide an entirely unique hiking experience. If you are looking for your next accomplishment - your next, "I DID IT!" - then join us for a thrill-seeking day of ruddy faced peak bagging.


Welcome to the club of urban adventurers who don't let their day jobs keep them from the great outdoors. Representing all levels of hiker and explorer, our troupe of explorers takes on a new summit in the Catskills nearly every weekend. Come along! And if you summit 10 peaks with us, you earn the coveted 3500 Series Badge along with the respect of your fellow adventurers.