Bronze Adventurous Journey New YorkOpen Enrollment Camp for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program

New York
New York
9 Days
9 Days
All Ages
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Pursue your Qualifying Journey in the care of expert guides

The group forms with the single purpose of completing the last hurdle of The Award. Its members are unfamiliar. The final outcome is unknown. With time distance closes, stories are shared, names take root, and lasting bonds begin to form-- forged by trial and task, tested against miles of trail, and made stable by the unifying clarity community and nature bring.

For the first few days, the group rises early to the chiding chickadee, learns outdoor skills throughout the day under a forested canopy, and falls asleep to the sounds of the whippoorwill, spring peeper, and cicada, whose chorus is matched only by the stars above. By camp’s end, with the challenging Practice and Qualifying Journeys behind them, it is not a group of individual parts, but a unit of one, all focused on the final few minutes of their time in nature, together, as one might focus on the last lingering rays of light at sunset.

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Dan Cooper
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Youth Program Manager

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Level 7/10
New York
9 Days



Arrival & Orientation

Travel from NYC to Harriman State Park. Transportation available upon request. After meeting instructors, participants register, receive tent assignments, and settle in. Once all participants have arrived, groups tour the campground. Team-building games. Introductory outdoor skills. Meals: lunch and dinner

Intro to Outdoor Skills

Today is the first full day of the program where outdoors skills and team-building will be taught along with a short hike. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Hiking Distance: 2 miles

Advanced Outdoors Skills

Today the team will continue to form as advanced outdoor and leadership skills will be taught. This is an important day for preparing for the Practice Journey. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Hiking Distance: 2 miles

Practice Journey

The bronze team has their first day in the field to practice their newly learned skills. Overnight camping off the trail. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Hiking Distance: 6 miles

Practice Journey

The bronze team completes the roundtrip of the two-day practice journey. The afternoon will be spent resting. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Hiking Distance: 6 miles

Preparation for Adventurous Journey

The day is spent refining outdoor skills, packing and preparing their equipment. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Adventurous Journey

The team departs for their Adventurous Journey today. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Hiking Distance: 6 miles

Adventurous Journey

The return trip of the Adventurous Journey completes their last day on the trail. Upon returning to basecamp, the team will prepare their presentation of their Aim. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Hiking Distance: 6 miles

Return home

Students present their aim and depart by 12:00. Transportation is available upon request to New York City or an NYC airport. Meals: breakfast, lunch, snacks.


Here’s what you need


Essential Gear

Backpack (60 L recommended)
Waterproof backpack cover
Waterproof backpack liner (garbage bag will suffice)
Sleeping bag (can be rented for additional fee)
Sleeping pad (can be rented for additional fee)
Lightweight towel
Headlamp or flashlight
Lightweight bowl, mug, and utensils
Hiking boots (well used)
Lightweight wool socks (3 pair)
Hiking pants (2 pair)
Wicking underwear (2 pair)
Long underwear (depending on the forecast)
Wicking long-sleeved shirt
Wicking short-sleeved shirt
Fleece jacket
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Shorts, non-cotton
Warm hat (depending on the forecast)
Warm gloves (depending on the forecast)
Bug repellent
Personal medication (x 2)
Two Water Bottles (Nalgene if possible)


Essential Clothing

Hiking boots
Wool hiking socks, multiple pairs
Long sleeve base layers (synthetic and moisture wicking)
Long pant base layer (synthetic and moisture wicking)
Light synthetic shirt or tank for warmer days
Hiking pants or shorts (at least one pair should be long pants)
Insulating mid layers (fleece jacket or vest, down jacket)
Waterproof, windproof shell
Light gloves
Warm hat
Balaclava or buff

What's Included

  • Round Trip Transportation from La Guardia or JFK airports
  • Licensed and medically trained guide team
  • Meals as outlined in itinerary
  • Group equipment including stove, water filter, pots, pans and first aid kit
  • Park permits and fees


Registration begins at 12pm. Please schedule your flights into LaGuardia or JFK to allow for pick up if necessary and arrival by this time. It is a 2.5 hour drive from either of these airports to the camp’s location. Please note that if the student chooses to leave the program early, it's the parent's responsibility to arrange transportation for pickup.


Weather in the upstate region of New York is typically much cooler than in New York City or other urban areas. Daytime temperatures in July typically reach highs in the 70s or 80s. Evening temperatures may reach as low as the 40s. Rain is not uncommon. Layers are recommended to adapt to such a broad temperature range.


This trip does not require technical climbing skills or experience. It does, however, require a moderate level of physical fitness. We strongly encourage our hikers to experience hiking while carrying weight. The difference in difficulty while carrying the weight of a fully loaded backpack can sometimes come as a surprise to hikers, so you are encouraged to try challenging day hikes with a weighted backpack. Those who are in good shape are more likely to enjoy the experience and the views along the trail.

Give yourself adequate time to prepare, particularly if this form and intensity of exercise is new. It is important that you arrive fit and ready to hike the mileage required of this course. The trails are rocky and agility is important.

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