Hike Manhattan + Wrap Party, Presented By WeWork

New York
New York

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About the trip

Don't miss this historically awesome event to celebrate Great Outdoors Month!

Join us and WeWorkers from across the city to see the Big Apple like most never do as we trek from top to tip, have a blast, maybe network a little, and wrap with a party to get your Saturday night started right.

The best part? Every dollar raised benefits the Discover Outdoors Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit that provides outdoor wellness and educational programming for under-served New York City students. With every step across the city, we'll make its future brighter.

Here's the plan:

  1. Meet at the Little Red Lighthouse at 9 am on Saturday, June 20th.
  2. Begin our lovely, landmark-filled trek south.
  3. Stop along the way to view the sights, enjoy a burger and maybe share a waterside beverage or two.
  4. End our day with the party that awaits at the brand, spanking new WeWork FiDi location: 85 Broad Street.
  5. Celebrate with beers and refreshments from our friends at WeWork to commemorate a feat most never attempt.

We'll set our own pace and stop along the way, but if you're feeling unsure about the whole course, no worries! Pop in where you can or meet us at the finish. Event fees can also be collected at the door.

Come one, come all! Get outdoors, celebrate your city, do your soul good and help our neighborhood kids realize what's beyond the concrete playground.

The Discover Outdoors Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that introduces students at under-funded schools to the outdoors for experiential learning, team building, skills development and exposure to the great, big world out there. Imagine if you only spent 45 minutes outdoors a week or never left a 6-block radius from your home. What if you'd never been in a park to experience what's written in the text books? We're here to make sure that every New York City student is introduced to nature, and you get to be a part of it. For more information, email us.

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Level 6/10
New York

Trip Details


Check in at 8:45 AM. We will depart at 9:00 AM.


We'll start at the Jeffrey Hook Lighthouse, aka the Little Red Lighthouse, under the George Washington Bridge on the Hudson River Greenway.


The wrap party will begin at 6:00 pm and end at 7:30 pm.


Water, water and more water. There are water fountains along the way so bring a refillable container. Also snacks, sunscreen and a hat.


Comfortable athletic clothing, sneakers, a hat.


This hike is intensity level 6 out of 10. Please review the Intensity Levels tab above for details.


Total Miles: 11.3 miles

Technical Factors: Clear path, no technical skills required.

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