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Hike & Hound

Union Square
Union Square
Broadway at East 18th Street
to 5:30PM
8:00AM to 5:30PM
Arrive by 7:45AM
5.0 miles
500 feet
elevation gain

About the trip

The best day for you and your dog

What We Love

  • Quality time with your pooch
  • Visit a mountain lake
  • A chance for your dog to socialize with other pups
  • Perfect trail for first time human and canine hikers

Your Day

Bring the pup along for a jaunt to Pine Meadow Lake. Pups can frolic on the trail as we hike through the woods to our lunch break at a beautiful lake. This is perfect for large and medium-sized, socialized dogs or small energetic dogs capable of hiking. If you do not have a dog, but wish you did, come anyways! It will be a barking good time.

Perfect for: First time hikers (both human and canine), well-behaved pups of all ages

Please indicate preferred pick up in your registration. Departure from Paragon pick up is at 8:00 AM (arrive by 7:45 AM). Departure from The North Face pick up is at 8:30 AM (arrive by 8:15 AM).

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Level 3/10
500 feet elevation gain
5.0 miles
Union SquareBroadway at East 18th Street
8:00AM to 5:30PMArrive by 7:45AM

Here’s what you need


Essential Gear
  • Lunch
  • Ample snacks
  • At least three liters of water
  • A backpack. Need a recommendation? Check out Deuter!
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. For a great selection and discounts, visit our partners
  • Extra wool socks on the trail
  • Water and bowl for your pooch
  • Plenty of clean up bags
  • Long leash and harness
  • Extra treats
  • Towel for your pup in case of mud or dirt
Recommended Gear
  • Trekking or ski poles
  • A thermos of hot soup, tea, or coffee
  • Hand / Foot warmers
  • Chapstick
  • Gaiters
  • Camera
  • A dry set of clothes and shoes for the ride home (can be left in the van)


Essential Clothing
  • Ski or snowboarding gear, including a warm, waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable, moisture wicking base layers
  • Waterproof hiking boots with wool socks (required)
  • Warm hat
  • Weatherproof Gloves
  • Neck buff or balaclava
  • Sunglasses

What's Included

  • Expert guides
  • Transportation
  • Park permits
  • Snowshoe or microspike rental, depending on conditions
Not Included
  • Meals
  • Gratuity for your guide

Drive to Meet

Have your own transportation? Select the "drive to meet" option at check out. You'll meet your guide at the parking lot at Reeves Meadow Information Center at 9:30 AM. Please see the map for directions.


Weather conditions can be quite different from the city in the mountainous regions we visit. Temperatures can be expected to be quite cooler as we head north or to higher elevations and we'll likely encounter more snow accumulation between early winter and spring. Keep your eyes out for an email from our team a few days in advance of your trip. That email will provide updated weather conditions and will alert you to anything additional you should put in your pack to prepare. Your guide will also make sure you have the necessary gear, such as snowshoes or microspikes, so you can have a great day in the snow. We head outside in any weather, as long as we know it's safe, and we don't let a little snow or wind ruin a chance for an adventure. You can contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about preparing for trail conditions.


Level 3

Easy Active - Perfect for Active First Timers

Level 3 trips will give you a broad sense of what hiking is all about. Test yourself on intermediate terrain, including light rock scrambles and ascending multiple peaks. These trips will invigorate you and inspire you to continue strengthening your hiking skills.


Three to five hours is standard. Prepare for this trip by jogging three miles or exercising two or three days a week.


Plan on getting starter miles under your belt. You’ll be hiking three to six miles on this trip, the average distance run in an hour-long basketball game.


You’ll be hiking on rolling terrain with bare rock surfaces, steeps, roots and small boulders.

Elevation Change

There could be up to 1,000 feet per day.


Up to 4,500 feet.


How far is the drive?

The drive is one hour from Manhattan.

Are the dogs all together in the van?

Yes, all the humans and dogs get to road trip together! It's great fun.

What happens if a dog gets aggressive with my dog?

Anyone with an aggressive dog should not sign up for this trip. That said, dogs will be dogs, and a growl or snap here or there is nothing to worry about. It's normal dog behavior that says, "You're too close to my food dish, give me some room on the seat, etc." No un-neutered males allowed.

My dog can be protective of me and crabby to other dogs in the city. Should I be worried about coming along?

If your dog is otherwise good-tempered, what you're probably seeing in the city is leash aggression. We live in an unnatural environment (the city) and on leash, dogs can get territorial, because they feel a little trapped by being on leash. In the woods, they are free to run around and sniff in an unrestrained environment. Unlike the dog run, it's not a confined space where there are toys to fight over.

Will the dogs be off leash?

We allow the dogs to run off leash as long as they're under voice control. Remember that not every hiker wants to be approached by your dog, so as soon as you see another hiker approaching, you should call your dog close unless the other hiker indicates that it's ok. If you're more comfortable with your dog on the leash, you should keep her on. But you may be surprised at how naturally your dog forms a pack with the others, and enjoys running with them. They will run ahead of us on the trail, but they circle back, because we are their pack, too!

What happens if my dog gets tired? We never walk this far in the city.

The people are the ones we worry about—never the dogs! You will be amazed at the energy your dog has on a hike with us. Self-proclaimed owners of "lazy" dogs cannot believe how much vigor and joy their dog suddenly has! There are a million more things to stimulate your dog in the woods versus the city. And remember: this is the environment all dogs evolved from, so it feels perfectly at home for them. We will take plenty of rest stops so the dogs can play and a good long rest at the lake for lunch.

What about ticks?

Ticks are everywhere, Central Park included. Even as a city-dweller, you should be using flea prevention on your dog monthly. That said, yes, there are ticks in the woods. In this part of the country, ticks are year-round. We stop for a thorough tick check at the end of the hike—for humans and dogs alike. It takes several hours for a tick to burrow into skin, so if you discover one after the hike, you can usually just easily pull it right off.

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