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Long Distance Legends

Our very own backyard, the Northeastern US, is home to three of the toughest, most grueling day hikes in the entire country. The hikes that make up this triple crown -- The Great Range, The Devil's Path, and The Presidential Traverse -- are famous for their beauty, but they're legendary for their difficulty.

This summer, we present our first ever Long Distance Legends Series. Our goal is to help you complete these three epic traverses as single-day hikes and, in doing so, become a legend yourself. To those that complete the trifecta, you'll head home with an official DO Legends Hatchet.

Marathon distances, relentless elevation change, and unpredictable elements are just a few of the challenges that you'll face on your quest for glory. But, with a support crew of DO guides and optimal planning of resupply points, you'll be set up for success.