Wilderness First Responder Certification

New York
New York
7 Days
7 Days

About the trip

Wilderness First Responder

As part of our continued pursuit of education, Discover Outdoors is very proud to sponsor the most widely recognized and most often required outdoor leader certification -- the Wilderness First Responder.

This 80-hour medical course has no prerequisites and the certification is good for three years. It is the perfect course for those who enjoy extended and remote hiking, guiding, counseling, summer camp work, kayaking, or traveling in remote areas. The curriculum uses the principles of long-term care, improvised resources, and varying environmental conditions as the framework for learning. The course was created to provide outdoor leaders, guides, and rangers with the knowledge needed to deal with crises in remote settings. The WFR addresses the issues of medicolegal concerns, blood-born pathogens, and infectious diseases. The Patient Assessment System, the foundation of the course, trains students to determine what is going on with backcountry patients. Other sessions provide instruction in traumatic situations as well as medical emergencies. Environmental issues such as hypothermia and heat injuries are dealt with in great detail. Practical simulations and labs provide practice in backcountry leadership and rescue skills. When you've successfully completed this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to assess and treat everything from a sprained ankle or allergic reaction to a dislocated shoulder or spinal injury.

Students with a current WFR, find more info on recertification here.

New York
7 Days

Here’s what you need

Schedule and Locations

Classes will take place from approximately 8AM - 6PM every day.

CatRock Lodge
2876 Claflin Ave. (Blue and Green Door)
Bronx, NY 10468

About the Certification

Students who successfully complete the Wilderness First Responder course will receive a Wilderness First Responder card and an American Heart Association Adult Heartsaver CPR card (or equivalent). Certification is based on successful completion of the course. In order to do so, all certification candidates are required to participate in 100% of the course, as that is the best way to assess mastery of the skills involved. Instructors provide ongoing feedback and many opportunities for questions. Final assessment of each student's skills includes written and practical exams. Certification will be through Discover Outdoors, taught to the standard of the Wilderness Medical Society, American Safety and Health Institute, and Emergency Care and Safety Institute.


You should plan to wear or have with you clothing that will be appropriate to the season and location where you will be taking your course. Weather permitting, we will be spending a portion of the class time out-of-doors. The following list is to supplement the clothing you will be wearing and is to be considered a minimum. You are free bring anything else you would normally carry in the outdoors. You will be using your equipment to provide care, build splints, and to keep yourself and others warm.


  • Drivers license or identification
  • Rain gear for bad-weather days
  • Backpack
  • Two water bottles
  • Notebook with pen/pencil
  • Sleeping pad
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rope/Safety Cord
  • Extra clothing layers

Highly Recommended

  • Watch with second hand (or digital with seconds)
  • Pocket knife
  • Trekking Poles
  • Sam Splint
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

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