Women Who Crush: Collaborative Climb and Panel


In partnership with Flash Foxy & The Cliffs

Flash Foxy, The Cliffs, and Discover Outdoors are joining forces to kick off Women in the Outdoors week with a celebration of climbing! We're inviting climbers of all levels to a night of skills practice, camaraderie, and discussion.

Start the night by working on your skills, partnered with climbing mentors from Flash Foxy and The Cliffs who are prepared to give you tips, teach technique, and answer questions. Whether you're brand new to climbing or looking to step up to the next level, you'll be matched with experienced and supportive women. After a full night of practice, head on over to The Local for a post-climbing panel, discussion, and cocktails.

Ticket includes climbing and admission to post-climb panel. Harness, shoes, and chalk can be rented for $12.

A portion from each ticket will benefit Outdoor Women's Alliance.


Every climber is entered for a chance to win an Atom LT Vest from Arc'Teryx SoHo!

    • Climbing at The Cliffs at LIC (11-11 44th Drive, Long Island City)
    • Post-climbing panel and discussion at The Local (13-02 44th Ave, Long Island City)
  • WHEN
    • Monday, April 17th
    • 6:30 PM
  • WHO
    • This event is open to women only.


What is Women in the Outdoors Week?

Women in the Outdoors Week is a week of events focused specifically on women and their relationship with outdoor adventure. Events include panels, speakers, classes, social events, and outdoor trips.

Why is it important?

The outdoors is a source of empowerment, confidence, and community and we believe that those tools can help women succeed in all areas of life. Women's success benefits everyone in a community and society, contributing to economic gains, increased creativity, and a higher standard of living. In today's current climate, it is more important than ever for women to feel confident and connected.

Is it just for women?

Some events are open to everyone while others are open specifically to women and those who identify as women. Each event page indicates whether the event is public or for women specifically.

We think it's important for men to hear and be a part of conversations about outdoor inclusivity so we invite everyone to attend our panels and hear our speakers. However, our goal is also to give women their own space to practice skills and ask questions. While we acknowledge that we have a community of supportive, accepting men, many women do still feel intimidated in mixed groups. Through women's only events, we aim to help attendees build confidence and feel comfortable as they grow in their outdoor sport.