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Hiking Mount Rainier

Hiking Mount Rainier

Guides & Camping
Trip Planning
Pack List

Exploring trails of Mount Rainier

The Wonderland Trail circumnavigates Mount Rainier, claimed by many to be the most beautiful mountain in North America. Along the trail, you will pass cascading waterfalls, wildflower meadows, rivers, lakes and canyons. Over one shoulder, you can witness the ever-changing profile of Mount Rainier. Over the other, an unending view of the lush forests of Washington.

Every day on the trail presents a new experience and challenge, climbing high onto ridges and descending low into pristine valleys. While your strength and endurance will be tested, your confidence will grow and perspective will expand.


Our journey through the Wonderland Trail begins on the magestic north side of Mount Rainier, where we will spend the first day traveling, setting up camp and reviewing the plan for the days ahead. Your second day will be spent exploring the volcanic ridges of the base of the mountain, giving you a chance to test your packs and weight load. We will hike back to the same camp this afternoon to make final tweaks to our loads before setting out on the Wonderland Trail. The next three days will be true backpacking, where you will carry your tents, sleeping bags, pads, food, water and gear. Your Discover Outdoors guides are there to assist with your journey, but the adventure is yours to lead.



Arrive in Seattle, drive to base of Mount Rainier


Day hike to explore trails and test gear

DAY 3 - 5

Backpacking the Wonderland Trail


Hike out, transfer to Seattle airport


Beginner-level proficiency in backpacking
Orienteering skills
Basic mountaineering skills
Leadership skills and practice working in team setting
Knowledge about alpine flora and fauna
Respect for nature and how it can be applied to respect for our community
Inspiration and curiosity


$1,495 per student


Groups range from 6 to 32 people.


  • Licensed and certified Discover Outdoors guides
  • Basecamp support
  • Camping accommodations
  • Meals throughout trip (meals while traveling to and from Seattle are not included)
  • Guided hikes
  • Park permit fees
  • Roundtrip transportation from Seattle International Airport (airfare not included)
  • Transportation throughout journey
  • Liability insurance


  • Sleeping bag rental for 1 week: $78
  • Rucksack rental for 1 week: $78
  • Trekking poles rental for 1 week: $40


Guides & Camping


As you explore the trails around Mount Rainier, you will be led by professional trail guides dedicated to providing safe and educational experiences. Our guides are trained in wilderness medicine and are seasoned leaders, demonstrating good judgement, technical expertise, and environmental consciousness. Our guides are ever aware of your needs and work hard to make your trip successful.


The Wonderland Trail is a true backpacking experience and your evenings will be spent in tents. Camping locations are chosen based on their beautiful views and proximity to fresh water.


We recommend hiking the Wonderland Trail in the mid-to-late summer. Earlier in the summer brings a higher chance of rain and possible snow on the ground.

Trip Planning


Hiking the Wonderland Trail does not require technical climbing skills or experience. It does, however, require a minimum level of physical fitness. We strongly encourage our hikers to experience hiking on rugged trails, particularly up and down steep hills, since this is much of what you will experience in the Rockies. Those who are in good shape are more likely to enjoy the views along the trail. Those who engage in regular exercise before hiking long miles in unknown terrain do just fine on the ascent. Give yourself adequate time to prepare, particularly if this form and intensity of exercise is new.


Early summer on the Wonderland Trail can have variable weather, from sunny days to chances of rain and snowfall. 


Your meal plan will be written and tested before your flight to Seattle. Upon landing in Washington, we check off our grocery list at a local store. Each participant will carry their own food and share the load for group's gear. Food will be prepared over fuel stoves using filtered water from nearby streams.

Pack List

If you are unsure of what to bring, give us a call or send us an email! Our staff is happy to help ensure you are comfortably outfitted for your trip. To prepare yourself for the activities, join Discover Outdoors on any of our local day trips. Our trained guides will coach you and offer helpful tips in preparing for your big adventure. Below is a list of equipment for this trip. The specific gear considerations are designed to prepare you for all possible conditions. For questions about the gear list, please contact our office at 212-579-4568 or


  • 3 1-liter water bottles or Camelback Backpack
  • Hiking boots with sturdy soles
  • Hiking socks, four pairs
  • Gloves, two pairs
  • Warm hat
  • Sun-blocking hat (baseball cap)
  • Base top layer (wicking t-shirts)
  • Heavy layer (sweater or fleece)
  • Pants, hiking shorts
  • Long underwear/thermals
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Underwear
  • Casual wear
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees
  • Sleeping pad
  • Medications, prescription and non-prescription
  • Bug spray
  • Small towel and washcloth
  • Flashlight or headlamp


  • Binoculars for viewing wildlife
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Journal